Mortgage problems might extend to Europe:

Escrito el 16 Marzo 2007 por Juan Toro en Financial Markets

The US sub-prime mortgage market is facing ups and downs. This is unraveling in the form of: higher delinquency rates, defaults of many of the owners, more than one million people losing their homes, banks owning bad debts (debt collaterized on the faulty home loans), reassesment of risk,


Max Ray 26 Noviembre 2008 - 07:38

I too agree with you that the sub-prime mortgage problem is not just limited to the US. Many other countries have embraced this lenient mortgages market at the time when real state prices were touching price bubble conditions. In the UK it takes the form of non-conforming mortgages, and people are now reviewing the state of this market.

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MORTGAGES 19 Diciembre 2008 - 19:34

getting a mortgage in this day and age has become increasingly impossible for the general public; this obviously leads to less people being able to get a mortgage that will assist them in buying a house and brings about the current housing crisis facing much of the british public.

this outcry for leniency isnt lost on the council of mortgage lenders either; they have been busy appealing to the government, specifically finance minister alistair darling pleading for the government to extend the bank of englands mortgage swap plan to help relieve some of the problems brought about by unattainable mortgages.

in a letter addressed to mr darling the cml had pleaded that the extension and early announcement of the special liquidity scheme and other measures would help resolve market uncertainty

this liquidity scheme being proposed is the scheme introduced in april this year which allows banks to swap hard-to-trade mortgage securities for government debt, on the conditions that the mortgages are dated before 2008.

the scheme which initially had a shelf life of 6 months may end up being extended if the cml get their way but they have also appealed to allow mortgages from after their cut off point of before 2008 to be allowed. the mortgage market is clearly suffering as a result of the current credit crisis but the government is remaining tight lipped on the subject for the time being.

the government is planning to release a report on how to deal with the current problems with the mortgage and remortgage situation and it is hoped that some of these appeals will be acted upon as both the public and the mortgage lenders themselves are united in the feeling that there are serious problems that need to be acted upon in order to achieve any hope of resolve.

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