When inflation forces you to write letters:

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The UK economy is heating up with effects on foreseeable interest rates increases and exchange rates. May be this could be a lesson for others. The reference inflation figure has overshot the target set by the Bank of England (BoE) and the pound is now trading well above 2 dollars. As a journalist reports:


claimed rate 26 Diciembre 2011 - 19:38

Why would the Bank

claimed forgetadebt interest rates 26 Diciembre 2011 - 19:41

can the bank ease rates? how do they do it without dollars? the eurozone collapse was foreshadowed by the inept decision making of the bank. they should forget a debt to the Chinese and Americans and restructure. interest rate easement will only with sound fiscal policy. and at this point, can they can forget a debt without political backlash.

don't understand you forgetadebt 12 Junio 2012 - 05:05

where is the pound now?

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