Escrito el 11 Julio 2007 por Juan Toro en Financial Markets

Yesterday Bernanke lectured on inflation issues. Mr. Bernanke was missing his academic job and recouped part of that allure yesterday in a speech at a conference of academic economists in Cambridge, Mass.
He delivered interesting hints on his view on policy making. According to his words he does not believe that short-term rates are a tool to pop asset bubbles. Contrary may be to the Bank of England that has tried to fight hard with a bubbling housing market.

Unlike the ECB he sees no special role for money supply. Whereas the ECB follows money growth closely, Mr. Bernanke does not believe in the usefulness of such an intermediate target. On the other hand, he sees that a very good progress has been done on inflation targeting discussion and he is a great believer of that procedure to gear monetary policy. On the much debated measurement of inflation, according to the Fed


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