The dollar slide

Escrito el 14 noviembre 2007 por Juan Toro en Financial Markets

Dollars is sliding down quickly against most currencies. The direction of the trend seems undisputed. This depreciation has been praised for long, as it helps correcting the huge US current account deficit. However policymakers worry about a disorder depreciation with sharp dollar movements. Policymaker prefer an orderly unfold of events as Fukuda verbally claim early this week in relation to his own currency:


Geld Lenen 3 diciembre 2007 - 22:04

The slide of the dollar might be bad for you, but I am feeling a bit lucky as I plan to go to the USA in 2008 for my graduation!

Otherwise I might spend (relatively) less money in the USA.

Juan 6 diciembre 2007 - 17:22

You might soon have other potential destinations as the euro streghten not just against the dollar

geld lenen 10 marzo 2008 - 21:51

Would be nice to get an update on your vision! For me as an exchange student in the States now, life is becoming cheaper but I understand the US concerns…

Also concerns in EU for an euro to is coming TO expensive.

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