Testosterone and cortisol make markets move.

Escrito el 16 abril 2008 por Juan Toro en Financial Markets

A recent study by a Cambridge researcher


Lance Chambers 27 noviembre 2009 - 01:54

It is not surprising that the report is highlights the link between testosterone and risk. For millions of years man and his ancestors have needed to be wary, powerful, skilled, alert and ready to run like the wind when the hunt goes wrong.

Without testosterone it is probable that the human race would not have survived as their would probably be no meat on the table to feed our emergent brains.

Today we still HUNT to feed our families, to help ensure the strength and safety of our wives and children it’s just that we hunt in the boardrooms, stock markets, at work and even, sadly, at play. It is just a part of being human.

Problem can however arise when for some reason someone finds that the spark has gone in many parts of their lives. Feelings of depression, tiredness, lethargy, no sex drive and many other parts of our lives that fade away that used to give us hope, excitement and energy.

This drop in quality of life is not unexpected because as we age our free testosterone levels drop – not as precipitously as in women – but they drop in any event.

Testosterone replacement therapy is, in all probability, the easiest way to get those old feeling back.

I discovered the truth of this when in my early 50’s I started to suffer the effect of low testosterone. Today the story is far different.

I started a trail program of HRT and am still, 5 years later, an avid supporter of daily applications of testosterone cream.

I found a product that is exported from Australiathat has made an incredible difference to my life.

The company is Hormone Solutions and their web address is: http://www.hormonesolutions.com.au

I post this because I found this product helped me a lot and I hope it helps others as much.

Continue the HUNT.

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