CPDO stands for constant proportion debt obligation… But I am not sure you are any clearer now in any way, shape or form. Let me try to make this one simple.

A CPDO was a new form of market value credit structured product. Developed in 2007 by ABN AMRO and subsequently improved by UBS, LEHMAN and others. It looked and felt as a bond with a Euribor+1% coupon… nice, though.

The way it worked was very basic. Lets assume a 5 year transaction with European investment grade credit exposure, the so called Itraxx (125 names in the index that resembles Eurostoxx in the credit world) on a EUR 10m. notional.

Investor was long credit exposure leveraged 10 times (for example). If credit gets cheaper (credit spreads widen) then leverage increases to 11, 12, … up to 15 times. Basically when credit is cheap you buy it and the other way around when credit becomes expensive (therefore credit spreads tightens).

This means that on day one you are long 10 times the notional at risk, in this case EUR 100m (10x10m).

The beauty of CPDOs was that Moody


MDD 24 Mayo 2008 - 10:33

Credit agencies should not exist. Risk should be priced by investors by their own research. In times when thr risk is more difficult to asses (like the structured credit market euphoria), it became clear that rating agencies distorted instead of give transparency on the true risk of the paper.

debt consolidation care mentor 23 Diciembre 2008 - 07:27

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