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Now that everyone is looking for liquidity, generation of cash flow is a key issue for any company. But, what cash flow are we talking about? Where does this cash flow come from? What can any manager do to generate cash flow?
As a Chinese proverb says:


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Cash is one of the current assets in the financial statements of every businesses operating in its normal year or period. The inflow and outflow should be managed well in order to meet its current obligation. However, bankruptcy still happens regardless of intelligent managers and financial consultants together with the strategic plans. The state budget of California is already running a several billion dollar deficit, and it is poised to hit over $11 billion by the year’s end. If nothing is done, it may balloon to up to almost $30 billion by summer next year. A recent article in the San Francisco Gate reported that Governor Schwarzenegger has called legislators into a budget meeting to slash spending and increase taxes. The budget of California has been hard hit this year in the wake of the Southern California wildfires with the thousands of homes that were destroyed, along with the downturn in the national economy. Gov. Schwarzenegger admonishes lawmakers for not only failing to act in a timely fashion, but also tells them that they had best get something done about this quickly, otherwise the state of California will be looking at a 25 billion dollar plus deficit by summer 2009.

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